Product description

The new LINE DIVERTERS connected at the ends with ISO Metric R68 thread allow us to make bends and counter-bends with variable angle. PATENT OF INVENTION DEPOSITED EURO2000 n ° MI2004A000698. Specifically designed with adequate lengths to allow you to carry out standard routes, misalignments, overlaps and anything else you may encounter during the installation of a cable passage line. It finds its best use in combination with galvanized / stainless steel rigid pipes TZR / TXR but can also be used in combination with any other type of flexible pipe. Unlike the traditional galvanized curves TZR 90 the corrugated inner surface favors the sliding of the cables even in the tightest curves. In stainless steel with nickel-plated brass threads, according to CEI EN 61386 standards, they guarantee a degree of protection between IP67 pipe and fittings and an operating temperature from -25 ° C to + 150 ° C. Electrical continuity <0.05 ohm / mt