Multidirectional dividers NylOhm series

The multidirectional dividers NylOhm products represent the core business of the EURO2000 company, they are designed and manufactured on the request of the reference market. With these multidirectional inspectable enclosures and with straight, 90° and 45° fittings, we want to offer a wide set of possibilities to divert, direct and orient an electrical line in any application field.

Manufactured in Polyamide PA66, this material is flame resistant in compliance with the norm UL 94 V0 and to the majority of chemical agents like oils, solvents and fuels. It ensures a temperature range between -50°C and +120°C and an IP rating IP68. Its nickel-plated brass insert added ensures electrical continuity (electrical continuity detected <0.05 ohm/mt) and the earthing, in case flexible metal or non-metal conduits are used with metal fittings.

Multidirectional dividers NylOhm

The multidirectional dividers are manufactured in polyamide (PA66) in compliance with the norms CEI EN 61386-2-3 and self-extinguishing, according to the norms UL94. Anti-vibration and non openable accidentally, they ensure an IP68 protection degree. They can support a wide set of offshoot together with different types of swivel fittings, swivel straight fittings, swivel 90° fittings and swivel 45° fittings.

The products boasts a filed invention patent n°102016000132538. They ensure electrical continuity with metal fittings or cable glandsand a temperature range between -50°C and +120°C. Electrical continuity detected <0,05 ohm/mt. The NylOn enclosure can be used together with our metal and nylon fittings.

Dividers configurations

Here are the examples of the most common possible configurations achievable with our NylOhm series multidirectional dividers.

In the event that your configuration is not present among those listed or you need to make changes to a configuration, contact us to request more information.


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